Who Should Receive Emergency First Aid Training?

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Emergency first aid training is required for compliance with the standards set out by the WSIB to ensure that all workplaces have professionals who are trained in CPR and first aid. Emergency first aid training is important for all individuals in professions such as daycare centers, offices, schools, camps, dental offices, and community centres. The Red Cross Emergency First Aid course offers an overview of the basic knowledge necessary for handling real life emergencies and everyday injuries. Quality training companies like Synergy Employment can set up custom courses tailored to the needs of your specific work environment, for both large and small groups. They provide the utility of on-site training (at your work or office) or off-site training at their Toronto Training Centre and are very flexible in terms of scheduling. Classes can be arranged during the day or night, weekdays or weekends, ensuring that you are able to attend every session on time.
Emergency first aid training courses are popular amongst all types or doctor's offices, dental offices, and pharmacies, as they provide a very good overview of the full First Aid and CPR courses in a shorter period of time. For all non-healthcare professionals, emergency first aid and CPR training will take approximately six hours to complete, while CPR Level HCP training will take about 1-2 hours longer. Of course, recertification courses generally run a bit faster. Each industry recommends a certain level of training of their employees. Depending on your type of industry, you will be recommended a course level. As a general rule of thumb, healthcare professionals should take CPR Level HPC courses, while most other professions and average civilians only need to be trained in Level C courses.
Here are a list of university and college programs that require annual recertification of your CPR training:
  • Nursing Students
  • Paramedics
  • Pharmacy Students
  • Medical Students
  • Police
  • Security Guards
  • Fire Respondents
  • Personal Support Workers
  • Teachers
  • Early Childhood Educators
  • Daycare Providers
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Kinesiology
  • Electrical Engineers
Synergy provides laminated certification cards on the spot upon completing the course. All full courses receive a manual from the Red Cross as well. Unfortunately, most people wait too long to rectify their certification, and once expired, you cannot do a recertification course. In these cases, a full course must be taken once again.
Synergy is a leader when it comes to first aid and CPR training courses.  Our clients include universities, colleges and both private and public sector healthcare operators. 
Though emergency first aid courses affiliated with the Red Cross are valid for up to three years, many industries require that employees receive recertification annually. CPR and first aid training courses should focus on 14 core areas. Good training providers will provide participants with enough equipment and an energetic learning experience. CPR training should be fun, incorporating videos, theory, and hands-on learning as part of the process, otherwise participants will not feel as confident during emergency situations.

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